Academic Engagement

At MITRE, we value our connections to the academic community. These connections provide conduits for hiring interns and new university graduates, and enriching our early-career talent pool. They enable collaborations with researchers in areas that benefit our sponsors. They also provide a means of tapping into technology incubators that are increasingly prevalent at universities and provide opportunities for us to connect entrepreneurs to sponsors who can make use of their innovations.

Recruiting to Ensure a Diverse and Inclusive Team

MITRE works with universities across the country to recruit students for internships and co-op assignments, and employment after graduation. While we often conduct interviews at college career centers, our efforts extend beyond attending career fairs. To reach the broadest possible pool of candidates, our activities include:

  • Connecting faculty to our hiring managers.
  • Mentoring and advising students working on research projects for senior capstones, master’s, and Ph.D. thesis projects.
  • Attracting top-notch graduate students who align with direct MITRE interests by providing early access to educational assistance in return for an employment commitment.

Beyond Recruiting to Research Collaborations

MITRE connects with college researchers in several ways. For example, to boost these partnerships, we:

  • Host a monthly college lecture series—on diverse topics such as nanotechnology and mixed-initiative design of complex systems—inviting guest lecturers from around the world. 
  • Establish innovative research partnerships between MITRE staff and university laboratories and technology incubators.
  • Offer the opportunity for professors whose research relates to our projects to work at MITRE while on sabbatical from their universities.

Academic Awareness Activities

Several of our awareness activities stem from the grassroots enthusiasm of university alumni at MITRE. Here at MITRE we host alumni coffee houses to encourage more alumni group activities and collaborations. We sponsor visit days at multiple MITRE locations to introduce students to our work, our staff, and our facilities.

But we also spend time on college campuses. We give guest lectures to showcase MITRE’s research, challenges, and technical work programs. Our staff often serve on academic and industrial advisory boards. MITRE staff are frequently asked to give tech talks, serve as adjunct faculty members, and participate in college hackathons as advisers. In some cases, we’ve established a place on campus—such as the WPI Collaboratory—for incubating and conducting new research.

Learn More About Engaging with MITRE

A great place to start is to fill out our contact us form regarding how you’d like to connect with MITRE. You can also explore different facets of our work, learn about the agencies we support, and hear from our employees and students about life at MITRE. We’re active on social media and invite you to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.