SE Fellowship

MITRE's Systems Engineering (SE) Fellowship for Federal Employees offers an immersive, 12-month program to enable the next generation of government technical leaders to design and sustain systems of critical national importance.

This one-of-a-kind program, specifically designed for government employees, integrates interdisciplinary, hands-on project and research experience at MITRE, with a degree from the University of Virginia Accelerated Master’s Degree Program in Systems Engineering.

Our inaugural cohort graduated in May 2019 with seven participants working on a range of projects. Program participants are working on a variety of projects across government including civil systems, cybersecurity, defense and intelligence, data analytics, and model-based engineering.

Program Benefits

  • Learn how federal agencies and MITRE face and solve challenges to develop capable, effective, and secure systems
  • Collaborate with highly trained engineers with expertise in innovative systems engineering tools and techniques
  • Create products that capture experiences and knowledge that can be brought back to the sponsor organization
  • Gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge systems engineering R&D from industry, government, and academia
  • Work in world-class laboratories with emerging technologies
  • Experience an award-winning workplace—known for its diverse culture that encourages innovation, learning, collaboration, and achievement
  • Explore development and education opportunities via one-on-one mentoring and The MITRE Institute, part of MITRE’s Corporate Center for Training and Development
  • Participate in company-sponsored technical conferences and symposiums

How Does the Program Work?

Participants work side-by-side with MITRE’s diverse team of systems engineering technical experts, applying modern SE methods and principles to direct work and research projects. Projects from federal government sponsors include aviation, civil systems, cybersecurity, defense and intelligence, healthcare, homeland security, and the judiciary.

The University of Virginia Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering is fully integrated into the MITRE direct work experience. It is designed to enable working professionals to become systems thinkers and problem solvers through a unique blend of formal education integrated with personal work experience. With complex challenges, tightening budgets, and rapidly evolving technology, federal agencies need the organic skills necessary to implement creative, cost-effective solutions. A MITRE Systems Engineering Fellowship can help fill this need.

Fellowship Quick Facts

Who is eligible? Federal employees in good standing with excellent performance reviews and an undergraduate college degree are encouraged to apply. Sponsoring agencies are invited to identify and nominate eligible employees.

Who pays for tuition and fellowship costs? An applicant’s government employer pays all costs, including employee salary, UVA tuition, and any expenses incurred in relocation and temporary housing for the Fellowship participant. We encourage you to work with your agency’s workforce development/education managers to help secure federal funding for participation in the SE Fellowship program. Please contact us at to help you through the process or answer any questions. Sponsors can also leverage the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) mobility program as a source of funding for an SE Fellowship participant. Under the IPA, federal government employees can take temporary assignments between state and local governments, institutions of higher education, and other eligible organizations such as those that operate federally funded R&D centers. 

How long is the fellowship program? The program is 12 months.

When does the program begin? The next fellowship cohort begins May 2020.

Where do classes take place? Classes will be held on the UVA Grounds in Charlottesville, Virginia, every other week on Fridays and Saturdays, with one full week in residence at the beginning of the program and another week at the end. The first and last weeks of the program are full week-long sessions to kick-start and conclude the program.All hands-on work takes place weekdays on MITRE's campus in McLean, Virginia.

Ready to Take Your Career to the Next Level?

Learn more and apply. Deadline to apply for the next cohort is April 15, 2020. Prospective participants should also fill out the free preliminary application from the University of Virginia in advance of the April 15 deadline so that an informal review of academic qualifications can be done, and participants can receive a preliminary approval.

Please submit:

  • A completed application form
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Official undergraduate transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A two-page white paper that addresses a key SE capability area of interest
  • A separate application to the UVA process is also required. Applicants can reuse much of the same requirements as described above and MITRE will help expedite this process.

Participants are chosen by a selection committee comprised of MITRE, UVA, and a senior government chief engineer/fellow. Applicants should be prepared to speak to the committee about one of their major SE-related work accomplishments.

If interested, we encourage you to talk to your manager about this opportunity and contact us at to help you through the application and funding process.

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