MITRE Captures Three Global InfoSec Awards from Cyber Defense Magazine

global infosec award winners

MITRE celebrates its 3 Global InfoSec Awards from Cyber Defense Magazine.

Cyber Defense Magazine selected MITRE for three Global InfoSec Awards for 2024. The judges annually select winners who understand tomorrow’s threats and innovate to mitigate cyber risks in order to get ahead of the next possible breach.

MITRE ATLAS™ won a Market Leader award within the Adversarial Machine Learning (ML) Threat Mitigation category. Modeled after and directly compatible with MITRE ATT&CK®, MITRE ATLAS™ has led the way in improving community awareness and preparedness for unique artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled system threats, vulnerabilities, and risks and in providing mitigation strategies to address them. 

MITRE Caldera™ won in the Most Innovative award within the Breach & Attack Simulation category. With MITRE ATT&CK—an open-source knowledge base of adversary techniques—as its backbone, Caldera allows cyber defenders to attack and test their own computer networks and systems at the same level as real-world hackers and cyberattacks. In the last year, Caldera launched its latest version, which delivers a new user interface to enhance current live operation views of its adversarial emulations. MITRE Caldera also expanded beyond enterprise networks and released plug-ins to enable emulations of attacks seen in operational technology (OT) and AI/ML systems.

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MITRE’s Cyber Resiliency Engineering Framework (CREF) Navigator™ won a Cutting Edge award within the Cyber Resilience category. As an open visualization tool, the CREF Navigator allows organizations to customize their cyber resiliency goals, objectives, and techniques, as aligned with National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) SP 800-160, Volume 2 (Rev. 1)— a publication on developing cyber-resilient systems. The tool also aligns with the Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification to help secure defense supply chains.

In 2023, MITRE won three Global InfoSec awards for its work with D3FEND, MITRE Engage, and the Center for Threat-Informed Defense.