Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast: Episode 318 

Denise Scannell

Public Health Information in the Digital Era, With Denise K. Scannell, Ph.D.

In a world where there’s an influx of information and misinformation, understanding the intricacies of public health and the digital age is more critical than ever. In this episode of Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC), Dr. Denise K. Scannell, chief social and behavioral scientist at MITRE and the force behind HIPE™ Lab, joins the conversation. She shares her extensive knowledge on the dynamically evolving information ecosystem and the impact of technology and social media on public health and on the health information landscape. Tune in to hear how HIPE Lab monitors this information ecosystem to better understand its influence on health behaviors. Additionally, she offers insights into the importance of local community engagement and partnership.

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