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Center for Strategic Competition

Navigating the new global dynamic with deeply informed systems thinking

Today's competitive strategy challenges are more multi-faceted and complex than ever. They exist in many arenas of hard, “sharp,” and soft power, from military capacity, technological innovation, economic development, espionage, trade, and finance to cyber conflict, law enforcement, politics and culture, and diplomacy.

But the real complexity lives at the intersections between and among facets of power: in the trade-offs, synergies, and feedback loops between them. These dynamic interactions make competitive strategy a true systems challenge.

Tackling such competitive complexity is the charge of the MITRE Center for Strategic Competition, which leverages our six decades of systems thinking and systems integration experience. We couple long relationships of trust with a diverse range of stakeholders—including federal sponsors and the private sector—with world-class expertise in big data analytics, artificial intelligence applications, cybersecurity, organizational management, and the behavioral sciences.

In keeping with MITRE’s commitment to solving problems for a safer world, the Center for Strategic Competition generates innovative and timely recommendations. To help protect and advance our nation’s interests and ensure its resilience in the face of competitive challenges, the center integrates MITRE's unmatched cross-domain technical expertise with cutting-edge data modeling and analytics.

  • We convene coalitions of diverse stakeholders from government, academia, other not-for-profit organizations, and industry around shared outcomes and whole-of-nation solutions.
  • We catalyze solutions by pairing MITRE’s wide span of technical, policy, analytical, and geopolitical expertise with sophisticated tools to yield objective, adaptive, and data-driven insights and solutions.
  • We create advantages for U.S. leaders through proven methodologies based on our culture of rapid iteration, innovation, and continuous learning.

Navigating within the new global dynamic—with its broad and deep information and analytical demands, decisional complexity, multi-stakeholder dynamics, and potential for unexpected outcomes and short-lived opportunities—requires a wide-ranging vision and an agile approach. MITRE's Center for Strategic Competition cuts across traditional organizational silos and embraces the whole-of-nation viewpoint our times demand.

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