2016 Federal DevOps Computing Summit Report

January 2017
Topics: Software Engineering, Software (General), Government Agency Operations
Michelle Casagni, The MITRE Corporation
Melissa Heeren, The MITRE Corporation
Diane P. Hanf, The MITRECorporation
Michael J. Kristan, The MITRE Corporation
Susan E. Kuwana, The MITRE Corporation
Tom Suder, The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center
Tim Harvey, The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center
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An inaugural ATARC (Advanced Technology Academic Research Center) Federal DevOps Summit was held on August 18, 2016 in Washington, D.C. During this summit, four MITRE-ATARC Collaboration sessions provided representatives of industry, academia, government, and MITRE the opportunity to discuss challenges the government faces using DevOps and Agile processes for software development and delivery. The goal of these sessions is to create an interactive forum for participants to exchange ideas on best practices, recommendations, success stories, barriers and requirements to advance the adoption of DevOps and Agile within the government.

Participants ranged from Director, CIO, and other executive levels from government and industry to practitioners from government, industry, and MITRE. Each collaboration session had a MITRE, Government and Industry lead to drive the discussions with session participants towards addressing challenge areas in DevOps and Agile, as well as identifying courses of action to be taken to enable government and industry collaboration with academic institutions.

This white paper summarizes the discussions in the collaboration sessions and presents recommendations for government, academia, and industry while identifying intersecting points among challenge areas.


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