ETL from RDF to Property Graph-A Field Guide

February 2018
Topics: Information Management, Software (General), Computing Methodologies, Software Engineering
Dorian A. Voegeli, The MITRE Corporation
Download PDF (1.79 MB)

This document is a field guide to extracting data from a database, transforming the data, and loading the data into a database. The term ETL is the shorthand reference to this activity (extract, transform, load). Specifically, this document focuses on the ETL process from an RDF (Resource Description Framework) model to a property graph model.

This document does not evaluate proprietary database technologies. However, for illustrative purposes, this document will refer to such proprietary technologies. References to any proprietary technologies are not an endorsement. Though this document briefly introduces the concepts of an RDF model and a property graph model, this document assumes that readers are familiar with the broad terms and concepts about these models.


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