ICArUS: Overview of Test and Evaluation Materials

December 2014
Topics: Psychology, Neurosciences, Probability and Statistics, Social Behavior
Kevin Burns, The MITRE Corporation
Craig A. Bonaceto, The MITRE Corporation
Michael Fine, The MITRE Corporation
Carsten Oertel, The MITRE Corporation
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The IARPA (Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity) program ICArUS (IntegratedCognitive-neuroscience Architectures for Understanding Sensemaking) developed and tested brain-based computational models of "sensemaking" – a cognitive component of intelligence analysis. MITRE’s role was in Test and Evaluation (T&E) of the neural-computational models developed by several teams of performers in two phases of the program, which began in December, 2010 and ended in June, 2014. This overview document summarizes the major T&E deliverables, providing an integrated introduction to more detailed documents available at http://www.mitre.org/publications and software/data available at: http://www.mitre.org/research/technology-transfer.​


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