ICArUS: Phase 1 Challenge Problem Design and Test Specification

November 2014
Topics: Intelligence Analysis, Neurosciences, Psychology, Modeling and Simulation
Kevin Burns, The MITRE Corporation
Hal Greenwald, The MITRE Corporation
Michael Fine, The MITRE Corporation
Download PDF (410.21 KB)

Phase 1 of the IARPA program ICArUS (Integrated Cognitive-neuroscience Architectures for Understanding Sensemaking) requires a challenge problem that poses cognitive challenges of geospatial sensemaking. The problem serves as a modeling challenge for performers and enables assessment in T&E (Test and Evaluation) per BAA guidelines. This document describes the Phase 1 challenge problem and outlines the T&E approach for evaluating models in Neural Fidelity Assessment, Cognitive Fidelity Assessment, and Comparative Performance Assessment.​



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