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MITRE launched the Center for Technology & National Security (CTNS) to provide national security leaders with the data-driven analysis and technologically informed insights needed to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive strategic environment. CTNS aims to help policymakers better navigate a dynamic, rapidly evolving technology landscape to advance U.S. interests and strengthen national security. As part of the not-for-profit, non-partisan MITRE corporation, CTNS is built on the experience and expertise of thousands of our nation’s most respected scientific and engineering minds.

Through our publications, educational programs and conferences, CTNS brings together experts and leading authorities from government, academia, industry, media, and policy institutes to drive informed discussion in this era of unprecedented technological change.

Our Latest White Papers

Modernizing DOD Requirements: Enabling Speed, Agility, and Innovation

April 2020


The Cyberspace Advantage: Inviting Them In!

January 2020


5G and the Front Lines of the U.S.-China Great Power Competition

January 2020


A New Battle Command Architecture for Multi-Domain Operations

December 2019

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(Video) The Honorable Bob Work, MITRE Senior Visiting Fellow, on how Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) and University Affiliated Research Centers (UARCs) are uniquely positioned to help government approach new challenges.

Media and News

The Hill: Are we ready for China to control global communications?

March 2020

Comfortable with the idea of China controlling the flow of traffic over the Internet backbone? Charles Clancy, MITRE’s vice president for intelligence programs, recommends actions to check Huawei’s massive disruption of 5G before we become even more dependent upon China. Read the Article

Supporting Joint Warfighting with Mission-Level Simulations

March 2020

How can the United States develop confidence that defenses against hypersonic threats will be effective? How will the Pentagon’s 5th-generation aircraft perform against China and Russia? The only practical way to explore these questions is through computer simulation. But does the United States have the appropriate tools to perform the analyses? Read the Article

The Pentagon Is Sitting on a Chunk of Valuable Airwaves. Why?

February 2020

Charles Clancy, vice president for Intelligence Programs in MITRE's Center for Programs and Technology, provides insights about industry’s desire to build 5G networks using spectrum currently assigned to the military. Read the Article

Pentagon Seeks Ramp Up in 5G Investment, What Does it Mean for Military Avionics?

February 2020

Charles Clancy, vice president for Intelligence Programs in MITRE's Center for Programs and Technology, offers his perspective on 5G funding in the DoD FY2021 budget request, which asks for requests $449 million in research and development for the 5G next generation information communications technology program. Read the Article

This App Wants to be the One That Curbs Election Chaos

February 2020

Voters need facts: how to register, what's on the ballot, when and where to vote. Social media can be an unreliable source. Using MITRE’s SQUINT allows state and local election officials to report this type of disinformation quickly, easily and comprehensively. Read the Article

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