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MITRE launched the Center for Technology & National Security (CTNS) to provide national security leaders with the data-driven analysis and technologically informed insights needed to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive strategic environment. CTNS aims to help policymakers better navigate a dynamic, rapidly evolving technology landscape to advance U.S. interests and strengthen national security. As part of the not-for-profit, non-partisan MITRE corporation, CTNS is built on the experience and expertise of thousands of our nation’s most respected scientific and engineering minds.

Through our publications, educational programs and conferences, CTNS brings together experts and leading authorities from government, academia, industry, media, and policy institutes to drive informed discussion in this era of unprecedented technological change.

Our Latest White Papers

Military tank in front of collapsed buildings

Designing a New Narrative to Build an Ai-ready Workforce

July 2020


Russian Lessons Learned in Syria

June 2020


Modernizing DOD Requirements: Enabling Speed, Agility, and Innovation

April 2020


The Cyberspace Advantage: Inviting Them In!

January 2020

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(Video) The Honorable Bob Work, MITRE Senior Visiting Fellow, on how Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) and University Affiliated Research Centers (UARCs) are uniquely positioned to help government approach new challenges.

Media and News

Space Policy Pod

Examine events and ideas affecting the space sector. The Space Policy Pod podcast, jointly produced by MITRE, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Space Foundation, is available on Spotify and Apple. Listen to the Podcast

Long-Range All-Domain Prompts Roles & Missions Debate

July 2020

Service rivalries over roles and missions are coming to the fore as DoD and Congress begin to assess what to build for all-domain operations — with a dust-up looming over whether the Army or the Air Force should make platforms for taking out over-the-horizon targets. Read the Article

Cost-Per-Effect Is Best Way to Compare Weapons’ Value

July 2020

Why should the Air Force should use metrics that account for weapons’ efficiency and effectiveness when calculating the cost of weapon systems? Hear from Dr. Bill LaPlante, MITRE senior vice president, who spoke at an online event hosted by AFA’s Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies. Read the Article

Making the Most of the Air Force’s Investment in Joint All-Domain Command and Control

July 2020

Joint All Domain Command and Control is about more than just the technical connections between disparate systems. It's about decision-making — and who has the authority to make and implement decisions. Read the Article

MITRE Establishes Center for Technology & National Security Advisory Board

June 2020

MITRE’s Center for Technology & National Security (CTNS), created to enhance MITRE’s engagement with senior government leadership, named five highly esteemed national security officials to its newly established advisory board. Read the Press Release

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