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Geometric Shapes on a blue background

Intelligence After Next: Mission-Based Challenges for the Intelligence Community

February 2021

  Cityscape with light signals bouncing between skyscrapers

Securing Western Leadership in Global 5G Standards and Patents

February 2021

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Intelligence After Next: Building a Counterintelligence Analytic Cadre

February 2021

  Member of Armed Forces look at computer screens

Envisioning a New Command & Control (C2) Architecture for All-Domain Operations

February 2021

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Intelligence After Next: Diversity and Inclusion – A Mission Imperative for the Intelligence Community

January 2021

  Geometric Shapes on a Blue Background

Intelligence After Next: Radical Transparency in Intelligence Operations

January 2021

Two planes flying in the sky

Engine Sustainment Study

December 2020

  A Drone flying

Russia’s Nonlethal Weapons Concept

December 2020


A satellite orbiting Earth

Intelligence After Next: The Future of The IC Workplace

November 2020

  A satellite orbiting Earth

A Look at Commercial Geospatial Intelligence

October 2020

Two Fighter Jets in the sky

Russian Military Art and Advanced Weaponry

October 2020

  Soldier using computer

Battle Networks, Innovation, and Kill Chains for the Future Fight

September 2020

Electronic Warfare System

Russia’s Electronic Warfare Force: Blending Concepts with Capabilities

September 2020

  Military tank in front of collapsed buildings

Designing a New Narrative to Build an AI-ready Workforce

July 2020

Military tank in front of collapsed buildings

Russian Lessons Learned in Syria

June 2020

  US aircraft carrier with airplanes flying in formation overhead

Modernizing DOD Requirements: Enabling Speed, Agility, and Innovation

April 2020


The Cyberspace Advantage: Inviting Them In!

January 2020


5G and the Front Lines of the U.S.-China Great Power Competition

January 2020


A New Battle Command Architecture for Multi-Domain Operations

December 2019


Achieving Robust and Resilient Navigation and Timing for Defense Applications

July 2019


The MITRE Perspective on Rapid Acquisition

June 2019


Accelerating Defense Acquisition

May 2019


After the Divorce

May 2019


Testimony of Dr. William LaPlante

March 2019


Modernizing U.S Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications

February 2019


MITRE Statement to the Defense Innovation Board’s Project on AI Principles

January 2019


Deliver Uncompromised

August 2018


Authority, Autonomy, and Accountability

June 2017

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