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Space Policy Pod Series

Examine events and ideas affecting the space sector. The Space Policy Pod podcast, jointly produced by MITRE, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Space Foundation, is available on Spotify and Apple. Listen to the Podcast

Special Report: The Evolution of the FITARA Scorecard

April 2021

A Nextgov special report highlights quotes from Dave Powner, CDDP's executive director. Powner offers insights on how the FITARA scorecard has changed through the years and how it may evolve in the future. Read the Article

What Happened When a Scientific Study Looked at Mail Ballots in 2020 Swing States?

March 2021

Federal News Network interviews Emily Frye, director of cyber integration, on the integrity and transparency of the 2020 election. Listen to the Interview

Tech Leadership Series: AI Ethics

March 2021

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) throughout the federal government has rapidly grown in the past few years. Chuck Howell, MITRE’s chief scientist for responsible AI, participates in a Government Matters TV panel on the ethical issues associated with AI systems. Watch the Segment

Adequate Budgets Critical for Tackling Urgent IT Priorities, Says Former GAO Director

March 2021

Dave Powner, executive director of MITRE's Center for Data-Driven Policy and director of strategic engagement and partnerships, talks with Government Matters TV, highlighting how adequate budgets are critical for tackling urgent IT priorities. Watch the Video

OP-ED: Someday Soon Billions of Passengers Will Want to Fly Again; Is the Aviation Industry Ready?

March 2021

The vaccines have given us back the power of “someday soon.” “Someday soon we will be able to eat in our favorite restaurant.” “Someday soon we will be able to go back to the gym.” “Someday soon we will be able to travel again.” Read the Op-Ed

Accelerating Digital Transformation: The CIO Role and Why It's Important

March 2021

Dave Powner, executive director of MITRE'S Center for Data-Driven Policy and director of strategic engagement and partnerships, pens an op-ed for FCW where he describes digital transformation as a team sport. "Building and maintaining organizational relationships is the critical priority for the incoming Federal CIO and agency CIOs." Read the Article

What Can the Pentagon Realistically Get from Its Advisory Boards?

February 2021

Eli Niewood, MITRE vice president of Intelligence and Cross-Cutting Capabilities and a former chair of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, writes about the role of the Defense Department's advisory boards in Defense OneRead the Article

Researchers' Technical Analysis Shows No Massive Voting Fraud in 2020 Election

February 2021

A research nonprofit says it did an extensive examination of 2020 voting data in eight swing states and concluded “evidence of fraud or compromise was not found.” The highly technical 43-page study was produced by the MITRE Corp. and its National Election Security Lab in McLean, Virginia. Read the Article

Despite 2020 Successes, Election Officials' Disinformation Fight Continues

February 2021

While the execution of the 2020 general election went off with relatively few bumps, election officials and industry experts said Thursday that the rampant disinformation that spread on cable news and social media during and after the campaign still leaves them with challenges in winning voters’ trust. Read the Article

‘No Evidence’ Of Election Fraud in Battleground States, Statistical Analysis Finds as Trump Continues False Claims

February 2021

Forbes reports on the findings of a white paper authored by MITRE's election integrity team and published by the Center for Data-Driven Policy. Reporter Alison Durkee writes:

A new MITRE Corporation analysis of eight battleground states’ election results found there was “no evidence of fraud, manipulation, or uncorrected error”—including involving Dominion voting machines. The analysis, done by MITRE’s nonpartisan National Election Security Lab, looked at presidential election results from Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Read the Article

How Space Became the Next ‘Great Power’ Contest Between the U.S. and China

January 2021

Greg Grant, a national security expert with the Center for Data-Driven Policy, offers insights about the threat that China poses to the American military in space. He tells the New York Times, “There’s been a dawning realization that our space systems are quite vulnerable.” Read the Article

Some IT Modernization Advice for the Incoming Biden Administration

January 2021

The new year brings an ongoing challenge for federal agencies: How to get past their legacy information technology? There’s only one way to modernize, and that’s the old-fashioned way—with more emphasis on people, skills, and using acquisition with a little more flair. Dave Powner lays it all out in a fresh statement for the incoming administration. Listen to the Interview

FITARA Scorecard Author Emphasizes Importance of Legacy Modernization

January 2021

No agency aced the latest Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act scorecard. David Powner, author of the FITARA scorecard, joined Government Matters to discuss how scores have changed and what the report card could look like in the next administration. View the Interview

Bad Idea: All Sensors, All Shooters, All the Time

December 2020

How should a realistic, cost-effective JADC2 be shaped going forward? In an op-ed in Defense 360, Mark Seip, a national security expert with the Center for Data-Driven Policy, explains how JADC2 is supposed to give U.S. forces a competitive advantage by connecting sensors to shooters. But centralizing data streams only makes a bigger target. Read the Article

More Space Wargames, Please

November 2020

There’s no stopping the expansion of the great-power competition into space, writes Shane Bilsborough, a national security expert with the Center for Data-Driven Policy. In a commentary piece in War on the Rocks, he says a modest investment to boost the Department of Defense’s space wargaming would substantially improve survivability and overall effectiveness of military’s future space architecture. Read the Article

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