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Building Trust in Government

Hosted by MITRE's Center for Data-Driven Policy, this monthly podcast brings non-partisan, data-driven insights to government policymaking. Each episode focuses on ways to deliver better outcomes—in national security, cyber, science and technology, domestic policy, and government management. Listen here.

Space Policy Podcast

Examine events and ideas affecting the space sector. The Space Policy Pod podcast, jointly produced by MITRE, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Space Foundation, is available on Spotify and Apple. Listen here.

Center News

Federal IT Dashboard

March 2022

A Fedscoop podcast features Dave Powner, CDDP’s executive director, discussing GSA’s new federal IT dashboard. Powner is also quoted in an FCW article on the launch of the new tool.

Op-Ed: Pentagon Needs a Six-Pillar Foundation

March 2022

The Hill publishes recommendations on modernizing defense acquisition from MITRE national security experts Matt MacGregor, Pete Modigliani, and Greg Grant

Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA)

January-February 2022

Dave Powner, CDDP’s executive director, received extensive media coverage for his January testimony before a House panel on the FITARA scorecard. His testimony was quoted in Meritalk, Federal News Network and SC Magazine. He was subsequently featured in a Fedscoop podcast, and interviewed for in-depth articles published in FCW, Inside Cybersecurity, and Meritalk.

Biometric Technology

January-February 2022

BioMetric Update highlights MITRE’s response to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s RFI on biometrics, citing Duane Blackburn. Fedscoop also quotes Blackburn in articles on the definition of biometrics and facial recognition technology.

National Defense Authorization Act Provisions Sparked Support and Skepticism from Several Experts

December 2021

A Nextgov article extensively quotes Pete Modigliani on the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2022.

Improving Federal Cybersecurity

November 2021

A Nextgov article highlights the conclusions of CDDP’s paper, Eight Recommendations for Congress to Improve Federal Cybersecurity. Meritalk also reported on the paper, written by Mark Peters, Dave Powner, and Chris Folk. Powner appeared on a Fedscoop podcast to discuss the recommendations.

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