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National Security Engineering Center: Moving with speed and agility to advance U.S. national security.

We bridge applied science with mission-specific needs

Modernizing nuclear command, control, and communications. Revolutionizing combat with artificial intelligence. Empowering multi-domain military operations. Winning the Great Power Competition. MITRE experts apply our objective insights and innovative approach to collaborate across government, academia, and industry with stakeholders, experts, and decision makers to advance America’s position as the foremost global power.

The evolving Great Power Competition brings more sophisticated threats than ever before. Technology’s pace of change is rapidly increasing, especially the speed of computing, connectivity, and communications. To ensure peace and security, the United States must adapt and move fast.

Achieving these outcomes is the focus of the National Security Engineering Center (NSEC) FFRDC, which MITRE operates on behalf of the Department of Defense (DoD). For more than 60 years, NSEC has spearheaded transformational innovations to protect the safety, security, and stability of our nation.

NSEC supports various DoD and Intelligence Community sponsors. Among these are every military branch and combatant command, the intelligence agencies, the offices and agencies of the Secretary of Defense, and the offices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. A primary objective is equipping and empowering warfighters and national security specialists to face the global challenges of all-domain warfare. And we do it from our unique vantage point working across the whole of government, with no commercial conflicts of interest.

Leveraging Successes, Countering Tomorrow’s Threats

MITRE bridges applied science with specific mission needs. We are pioneers in the fields of systems engineering; signal processing; positioning, navigation, and timing; and telecommunications. We often serve as the institutional memory for longstanding programs, ensuring that lessons learned are never lost as they move from basic requirements to fielded technology.

MITRE discovers pathways for progress across boundaries and over barriers. Like partnering with the Army to develop Photon, a game-changing technology that’s revolutionizing signals intelligence and electronic warfare. Or guiding implementation of the Joint All-Domain Command and Control framework, which empowers military commanders to mobilize the capabilities of each warfighting domain. For the Intelligence Community, MITRE delivers forward-looking strategies and capabilities to help shape thought, dialogue, and action as the intelligence organizations craft plans, policies, and programs to protect the nation.

NSEC works as a trusted partner with military and intelligence organizations. We help them make wise investments in systems that work together, connect the innovation community to mission needs, and enable technology deployment to take service and civilian personnel out of harm’s way—all while keeping an eye on the horizon for the next global threat.

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The global space environment is critical to economic vitality and national security. MITRE is leading the charge to preserve and protect this unique resource.

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