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Driving Global Stability & Security

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4000 Questions covering 548 risk factors in the MITRE-developed System of Trust framework—to help assess and mitigate security risks in major supply chains


Driving Global Stability & Security

From military operations abroad to semiconductors for electric cars, world events affect all aspects of our lives. MITRE drives whole-of-nation solutions to address challenges that cross borders and impact the everyday. Our technology and research advances in defense, cyber, health, and competitive strategy help protect our national security and way of life.

And as a not-for-profit company operating in the public interest, MITRE focuses on the common good, not commercial gain. Because while global complexities are growing, the world itself is shrinking—and we are more interconnected than ever.

Partnering Across Continents to Safeguard Democratic Principles

Threats to international stability flood our news feeds 24/7. To stay ahead of evolving risks, MITRE delivers deep systems thinking and rapid R&D of integrated capabilities. For example, we engage to increase security in the Indo-Pacific, a critical nexus for global stability. We’re accelerating fielding Joint All-Domain Command and Control, or JADC2, capabilities to the region. The framework unifies operations across U.S. forces and with allied partners to provide a common situational picture and decision advantage over adversaries.

Such global solutions require global collaboration. Together, our new MITRE Hawaii site, MITRE Australia’s headquarters, and our Centre for Information Integrity & Defence support our nation’s allies and bolster security and prosperity throughout the Pacific.

Fostering engagement with government, business, and research institutions across Australia enables us to share our innovation, experience, and unique role as objective advisers. Our new partnership with the Australian Defence Department, for example, will enhance regional stability.

We focus on providing our government sponsors the tools and analysis to enable resilience in the face of a changing planet. But we can share many of the solutions we develop more broadly, including around the world.


Minding the Gaps and Keeping the Edge

Volatility across oceans sets off a domino effect that impacts U.S. communities and economies, including snarling vital supply chains. The result: shortages of medicines, food, new technologies, and more—shortages that disproportionally impact under-resourced populations.

To counteract these gaps, MITRE developed a community-curated System of Trust™ knowledge base of supply chain vulnerabilities. The free and open framework includes a customizable assessment to help organizations identify and mitigate cyber risks in major supply networks.

Other supply chain risks have a more human face—like the victims of forced labor. Our Center for Securing the Homeland provided advanced data analytics to help the U.S. prevent compulsory labor in global supply chains. We identified opportunities to counter China’s forced-labor-fueled supply chain. The capability can apply to fraud detection, environmental intelligence, and more.

Also at risk? Our advantage over our biggest competitors. Take semiconductors. These tiny chips have gigantic significance for modern life. Think: telecommunications, military equipment, cars, banking.

MITRE Engenuity™, our tech foundation for public good, convened Intel, Micron, Analog Devices, and others to create the Semiconductor Alliance. We bring government, industry, and academia together to build a more robust U.S. semiconductor industry and boost advanced manufacturing.     

Of course, threats to global stability can be nebulous. That’s where our Center for Strategic Competition comes in. The center works across MITRE to help the U.S. identify and counter emerging risks and maintain our edge in biotechnology, climate resilience, critical infrastructure protection, and beyond.


MITRE accelerates progress when we connect the strengths of government, academia, and industry. We discover innovative solutions and approaches that didn’t—and couldn’t—exist independently.

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