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Accelerating Breakthrough Innovation

By The Numbers

620000+ Gallons – approximate capacity in MITRE’s BlueTech Lab, the longest and one of the largest tanks in the Northeast U.S. and a national resource to accelerate solutions for national security and climate resiliency


Accelerating Breakthrough Innovation

MITRE brings together diverse sets of innovators—many that would normally compete with each other—to harness the enormous power and potential of groundbreaking technologies. Our collaboration across the private and public sectors accelerates capabilities to take on complex national and global challenges.

Among them: Stopping cyber theft of intellectual property by foreign governments. Ensuring climate resilience through blue tech advances and equity in climate investments. Stabilizing microelectronics and pharmaceutical supply chains. Maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risks of biotechnology. As a not-for-profit company, we serve as an objective adviser, fostering such whole-of-nation solutions for our government sponsors and the public good.

Solutions that Change Lives and Shape the Future

Our research in applied science and advanced technology aims to transform the future of U.S. scientific and economic leadership. How? By driving disruptive innovation across MITRE-operated federally funded R&D centers, our independent R&D program, MITRE Labs and our 16 innovation centers, and through our tech foundation, MITRE Engenuity™ and the Accelerator.

Engenuity and its Accelerator work to fast-track technology with the private sector. For instance, 5G, or fifth-generation wireless technology, paves the way to a revolutionary set of capabilities—from driverless cars to remote surgeries to uncrewed aerial systems (UAS), more commonly known as drones. In flight everywhere from college campuses to wildfires to battlefields, UAS present complex opportunities and challenges.

To test the technology’s accuracy, security, and speed in powering drones, the Engenuity-led Open Generation 5G Consortium built a first-in-the-nation, private 5G-enabled experimentation hub. The findings will power innovation in UAS emergency response, critical infrastructure inspection, package delivery, and ultimately new 5G applications.

With 5G/NextG’s potential to touch nearly every aspect of our lives, securing its underlying technology is critical. So we’re collaborating with the Department of Defense and cyber community to deliver FiGHT™. This knowledge framework helps organizations deter threats—and develop and deploy resilient 5G systems. Along with MITRE’s ATT&CK®, Engage™, D3FEND™, and CALDERA™, these tools improve our government and industry partners’ ability to counter advanced and emerging cyber adversaries.

The U.S. risks falling behind in key areas of innovation, while other nations are racing to close the gap. We must act urgently to deliver breakthroughs that will help us change course.

Charles Clancy, Ph.D., senior vice president and general manager, MITRE Labs, chief futurist

Forging Quantum Leaps

To ensure success, disruptive solutions require non-disruptive standards and policies. We bring innovative ideas into existence through objective, evidence-based insights to inform effective and equitable public policy.

Such insights are critical to technologies like the next-generation World Wide Web. Web3 will transform the role the internet plays in our lives. By connecting stakeholders across the public and private sectors, we’re driving a robust, government-led national strategy to secure web3—and win the global battle for the next internet.  

Another game-changer for the U.S. economy and our national security position? Quantum computing. The capability brings huge implications for finance, manufacturing, and cyber. Down the road, quantum sensors could be in your phone, in self-driving vehicles, or on your body monitoring disease, among other uses.

MITRE’s three quantum labs focus on developing hardware and protocols for quantum communications, sensing, and universal photonic computing, powered by artificial intelligence. In parallel, MITRE and partners MIT and Sandia National Laboratories made major headway in developing the world’s first fully universal, scalable photonic quantum computer and integrated quantum network. Collectively, these capabilities will accelerate quantum’s possibilities.

And as quantum capabilities expand, we need a pipeline of technical talent to advance the possibilities. We’re working with academia to help grow the workforce to drive this revolutionary capability forward.


MITRE accelerates progress when we connect the strengths of government, academia, and industry. We discover innovative solutions and approaches that didn’t—and couldn’t—exist independently.

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