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MITRE Engenuity & The Accelerator

MITRE Engenuity & The Accelerator

MITRE Engenuity, our tech foundation for public good, galvanizes cross-sector innovation critical to the economy, national security, and prosperity of the U.S. and our allies. The Accelerator, a division of MITRE, stewards Engenuity—scaling our technology and capabilities for private-sector adoption and to benefit the public.

The goal: tackle large-scale technical challenges that lack a single owner yet affect many—cybersecurity, 5G/NextG, and more. We do this by connecting stakeholders who would normally compete, amplifying the strengths of industry, start-ups, investors, and academia. This approach supports our sponsors’ missions and bolsters American resilience amid growing strategic competition and global events. The result? Generational impact.


  • Semiconductor Alliance: Advanced vision for a robust U.S. semiconductor industry and blueprint for a democratic National Semiconductor Technology Center
  • Open Generation 5G Consortium: Opened first private 5G aviation test range in U.S.
  • Center for Threat-Informed Defense: Launched ATT&CK Flow™, providing cyber defenders descriptive sequences of adversary behaviors


  • Mobile Digital Financial Services: Deployed methods to secure and build trust in the international mobile financial system, particularly in Africa
  • Partnership with VMware, Inc.: Automated security guidance preparation, using MITRE’s Security Automation Framework
  • Workforce Development: Collaborated with MITRE Labs to deliver embedded security Capture the Flag competitions to 540 students across 80 programs, fostering tech talent
  • Video Conferencing Security: Implemented rigorous source-code protections for Zoom

Our vision is to create generational impact by accelerating innovation with the private sector for public good. We advance dual-use, deep tech capabilities to support a more resilient America.

Laurie Giandomenico, Ph.D., senior vice president, MITRE chief acceleration officer, MITRE Accelerator

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