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Applying Organizational Change Management to Presidential Transitions

By Joe Jockel , Duane Blackburn

2024 Presidential Transition

This guide from the Center for Data-Driven Policy details strategies for accelerating understanding, acceptance, and commitment during presidential transitions, thereby enabling a new administration to succeed faster.

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Presidential transitions are complex processes that require careful planning and execution. While the logistical components of these transitions have been thoroughly documented, the human elements—the attitudes, behaviors, and emotions of the people most impacted by such significant change—are often not given enough attention. This oversight can delay the new administration's ability to promptly carry out its agenda.

MITRE conducted a cross-analysis of transition guides from the Center for Presidential Transition and theories from organizational change management and developed recommendations for each stakeholder group (outgoing political appointees, senior career staff, and incoming political appointees) at each phase of a presidential transition. Adhering to these recommendations will empower a new administration to execute its agenda more effectively and swiftly.