Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy Innovation Center

Advancing data and computing power to benefit the nation.

The Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy (AIA) Innovation Center addresses emerging, complex artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomy challenges to enable measurably effective, robust, and responsible use by sponsors and partners. The AIA Innovation Center brings deep and unbiased technical expertise informed by broad experience across the federal government to ensure timely delivery of trusted and effective capabilities.  

Our capabilities include: 

  • Test autonomous platforms for safe and effective adoption 
  • Detect and mitigate bias in AI 
  • Detect and counter adversarial AI attacks 
  • Natural language processing and computational law 
  • Human machine teaming and AI for virtual/cognitive assistants and robotic process automation 
Our Impact

Independent Research

Experimentation is in our DNA.

Focus Areas

AI and Machine Learning

Driving mission impact with big data and speed.