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Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy Innovation Center

Catalyzing consequential AI use.

In our Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy Innovation Center, MITRE works across government, industry, and academia to address emerging, complex AI and autonomy challenges for the benefit of our nation. We apply our trusted technical expertise to enable the effective, assured, and responsible application of AI in critical government missions. 

What drives us? Helping the U.S. realize the transformative potential of AI for public good.

Our capabilities include: 

  • AI assurance
  • Test and evaluation of AI systems
  • Human language technology
  • Generative AI
  • Machine sensing and perception 
  • Autonomy and robotics (embodied AI)
  • Scalable and applied AI
  • AI-enhanced decision making
  • Human-AI teaming
Our Impact

Independent Research

Experimentation is in our DNA.

Focus Areas

Artificial Intelligence

Catalyzing the consequential use of AI in all sectors, for all people