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MITRE Engenuity

Accelerating innovation with the private sector.

From the Apollo mission to GPS to the internet, the U.S. government is a global innovation leader

To bolster America’s competitive position, we created the Accelerator to incubate technology with the private sector through MITRE Engenuity—a trusted tech foundation for public good. We’re making strides in areas such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, microelectronics, 5G, and advanced telecommunications.

The Accelerator works through MITRE Engenuity to fast-track innovation with industry and create a bridge to our work. Along with MITRE Labs, these entities strive to create generational impact through disruptive innovation and advanced R&D. Our work helps to improve cyber defense at scale for the global community, accelerate the development and realization of commercial 5G solutions, and reimagine the semiconductor ecosystem.

We’re working to transform industries and develop global standards by solving hard technology challenges. And this often requires forming collaborations among companies that typically compete against each other.

Laurie Giandomenico, MITRE’s Chief Acceleration Officer

MITRE Engenuity’s Center for Threat-Informed Defense™ identifies critical needs in the community and fills critical information and resource gaps that span sectors and countries. Its unique collaborative approach to R&D harnesses the expertise and insights of the world’s most sophisticated security teams and injects MITRE’s deep technical understanding of cyber adversaries and their tradecraft. In close collaboration with its members, the Center rapidly produces practical resources, tools, and technologies to advance the state of the art and practice in threat-informed defense. Center-published research is freely accessible to the community.

MITRE Engenuity’s ATT&CK® Evaluations is a trusted program built on the backbone of MITRE integrity and objectivity. Cybersecurity vendors turn to the Evals program to improve their offerings and provide defenders with insights into their actual performance. Evals enables defenders to make better-informed decisions on how to leverage the products that secure their networks. It applies a collaborative, threat-informed purple-teaming approach that brings together vendors and MITRE experts to evaluate solutions using ATT&CK. Through this collaborative and deeply technical approach, Evals helps drive the cybersecurity market forward. Evals results, and threat emulation plans, are freely accessible to the community.

MITRE ATT&CK Defender™—also known as MAD—is the cybersecurity community’s new MITRE ATT&CK–produced certification product. MAD changed the game in cybersecurity credentialing by inventing a “living certification” approach that validates mastery of the state of the art and best practices in threat-informed defense. MAD’s training and assessments are produced and regularly updated by MITRE’s own ATT&CK subject matter experts. The annual subscription provides access to certifications that validate defenders’ mastery of the use of ATT&CK to stay ahead of agile adversaries. In line with MITRE’s commitment to serving the public good, MAD online training is freely accessible to the community.

MITRE Engenuity and the Accelerator created the Open Generation 5G consortium, an R&D collaborative that brings together government, industry, and academia to make democratic societies more competitive in 5G, with an initial focus on unmanned aerial systems. These efforts include building a technical roadmap, formulating a standards strategy, and devising use case–driven experimentation to inform policy with Nokia, Ericsson, Verizon, and others. This R&D spans U.S.-based test ranges, including MITRE’s 5G testbed.

Looking ahead, the Accelerator and Engenuity will tackle health-related challenges. Among these: keeping assisted-living facilities safer during pandemics and applying AI to help clinicians predict disease onset earlier. The Accelerator and Engenuity are also developing a microelectronics strategy that will reimagine the U.S. semiconductor supply chain in the public interest. 

Through these new pathways, we’re working across industry to drive breakthrough innovation and strengthen our national resilience.

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