Ms. Cathy E. Minehan

Cathy E. Minehan

Board Member 2009-2012, 2016

Ms. Cathy E. Minehan, managing director of Arlington Advisory Partners, LLC, in Boston, Mass., has more than four decades of experience in financial and economic policymaking. In 2007, she retired after 13 years as president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, one of 12 regional Reserve Banks that, together with the Board of Governors, form the Federal Reserve System. In total, Ms. Minehan served 39 years in the Federal Reserve System, including positions at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and on the the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C.

After her retirement from the Federal Reserve, Ms. Minehan became dean at Simmons College School of Management in Boston.

During her presidency of the Boston Fed, Ms. Minehan served as a member of the Federal Open Market Committee, the body responsible for U.S. monetary policy. She is a recognized expert in payment systems, a main responsibility of the Federal Reserve System. Ms. Minehan chaired the Financial Services Policy Committee, a body that oversees the provision of Reserve Bank payment services, and played key roles in the System's planning for or response to Y2K, interstate banking legislation, and 9/11.

Ms. Minehan joined the Federal Reserve in 1968 as a bank examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. She served in a variety of roles during her career, including positions in public information and accounting control as well as check processing, accounting, funds, and securities. In 1991, she was appointed first vice president and chief operating officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the first woman in the Federal Reserve System to be so named. She held that position until 1994, when she became the first woman to be appointed the Bank’s president and CEO.

Dedicated to many charitable causes, Ms. Minehan is chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts General Hospital and chairs the Massachusetts Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors. She also serves on a number of other non-profit boards, including Partners Health Care System, where she is a member of the compensation, finance, and executive committees, and the University of Rochester, where she chairs the executive committee. She is an Investment Company board member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as a board member and former board chair of The United Way of Massachusetts Bay. A fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, she holds an MBA with distinction from New York University, where she was designated a Distinguished Alumna in 1995. She obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester.