Business Transformation & Program Integrity

Healthcare represents one of the most complex systems the government oversees on behalf of its more than 300 million citizens. MITRE is helping advance the nation's progress toward an integrated health system.
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The mix of entities involved in healthcare delivery and number of daily healthcare transactions are staggering. In addition, the pace of change in the healthcare sector continues to accelerate. Determining the right balance among healthcare access, quality, and costs is an ongoing challenge.

Against such a backdrop, government agencies must respond to changing needs and modernize their capabilities, including the areas of privacy, security, and fraud identification. This is where MITRE comes in.

We have more than 50 years of experience with complex program management and systems acquisition support to enable government agencies to transform how they do business. We work to improve government effectiveness in healthcare by supporting enterprise and technology modernization programs.

We're also taking direct aim at the ability to manage patient consents and enforce privacy preferences. Specifically, we're seeking to bridge the gap between concept and technological capabilities by investing in two initiatives:

  • A platform for handling patient consents on a national scale, accessible by both patients and record holders so they see a consistent view of patient preferences
  • A technology for capturing and storing patient preferences in a logical way, through a single consent database

In addition, we draw upon MITRE's broad cybersecurity experience to provide guidance on safeguards and mitigation strategies to counter potential intruders who want to steal identity information.

We also work to close holes that individuals and organizations exploit to perpetrate healthcare fraud. MITRE has been instrumental in addressing this issue across the health sector.


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