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Center for Enterprise Modernization

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the government enterprise.

Helping government work smarter

U.S. federal agencies provide services to millions of constituents every day. MITRE’s Center for Enterprise Modernization (CEM) partners with these agencies to transform how they serve the public.

How? Through our analysis and recommendations, we accelerate technology and infrastructure modernization efforts, improve performance with data analytics, and address changing environments and citizen needs. We ensure our nation’s security and financial integrity are protected and resources are used effectively. Often, agencies save money, too.

By supporting the missions of our sponsors—the Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service, and co-sponsors, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Social Security Administration, and the Department of Commerce—CEM serves as trusted advisers and technical experts. We take a whole-of-government approach to help the agencies connect the dots across sectors, handle systems complexity, and adapt proven strategies to new challenges.

Government agencies don’t work in silos. Neither do we. We connect organizations, systems, and data so federal agencies can better serve citizens and the public good.

Beth Meinert, Senior Vice President, General Manager, MITRE Public Sector

From preventing millions of dollars' worth of tax fraud to improving healthcare services for our Veterans, MITRE works to keep people safe and their data private. We apply our expertise to increase our sponsors’ agility and improve the resilience of their infrastructures. These results include a smoother delivery of government services and a stronger economy.

We’re also looking to the future and anticipating our sponsors’ next big challenges—helping them adapt their systems to rapid changes in technology and constituent expectations. Among them:

  • Preserve efficiency and fairness of financial markets
  • Ensure parity and equity in delivery of government services, regardless of how people access them
  • Incorporate evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Provide health and clinical informatics, data interoperability, and decision support capabilities to empower clinicians, veterans, and other consumers

CEM is committed to ensuring government is trusted, effective, and modern—executing data-driven decision making that exceeds expectations.

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