Health Innovation

The federal government is the nation's largest purchaser of health services. Our researchers help the government accelerate the transformation of the health sector through technological advances and other means.
Man looking into square machine with computerized data showing. Another man monitors the test.

The intertwined goals: promote higher quality and achieve better public health outcomes at manageable costs. We seek to remove barriers to progress through new and innovative methods. These may involve novel systems engineering approaches, new standards and techniques, or application of advanced technologies. Or, the innovations may extend beyond the traditional systems engineering technical disciplines into healthcare related planning, acquisition, and management, as well as to the social, behavioral, and biological sciences

We take what we've learned helping other government sponsors, in many cases, and apply it to health-related challenges.

Our approach is to assess current capability, provide unbiased strategic guidance, determine readiness to adopt innovations, and deliver the comprehensive knowledge base and relevant resources to successfully support current and emerging needs.

Transformational change through innovation requires an integrated approach that addresses transformation of business models, technologies, cultures, and a coherent set of mutually supporting economic incentives. MITRE seeks to create and transition solutions with transformational impact on sponsor mission capabilities, and deliver value to sponsors and the nation's economy by transferring our innovations to industry.

Currently, we are targeting four main areas to advance health innovations:

  • Helping providers move from paper-based silos and stand-alone electronic health records (EHR) to fully functioning interoperable health data exchanges with privacy protections.
  • Equipping healthcare decision makers with the tools and information they need to set policy and ensure safe, quality care. Accelerating research to move promising new therapies and devices from "bench to bedside."
  • Empowering patients with personal health information to better manage their healthcare.
  • Aligning incentives, measures of quality, and payment systems for a sustainable national healthcare system.

MITRE works at the intersection of government, nonprofit organizations, for-profit healthcare organizations and insurers, health information technology vendors, and public-health authorities. Our enterprise systems engineering and research lower technical barriers, stimulate health system dialogue, and promote cohesion around innovative technical approaches.


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