Health IT

Achieving universal access to affordable, high-quality healthcare will require streamlined processes and innovative information technology.
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The CMS Alliance to Modernize Healthcare supports the development of an integrated health system. Achieving that goal will require widespread use of patient-focused healthcare information technology and the secure exchange of health information. MITRE plays an active role in increasing the effective use of such patient-focused technology by working across the health sector in pursuit of two primary goals:

Even before the creation of CAMH, our researchers made significant contributions to the health IT community. For example, MITRE, the Object Management Group, and HL7—a health IT standards organization—are currently refining and promoting the MITRE-developed hData, which is well on its way to becoming a worldwide standard in electronic health information exchange. The hData standard uses the same types of Web-based services as Amazon, Facebook, and Google. It enables thousands of independently developed applications to access and manage large volumes of data. hData would allow for the secure exchange of data on a national scale, in a format that works for all parties—patients, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, and others involved in the health of a patient.

We're also leading the development of the RESTful Health Exchange (RHex), which uses Web technologies to create a simple, secure, standards-based health information exchange. RHex, which we built using the hData specification, will give patients and caregivers convenient access to the vital information they need, even on mobile devices.

Besides contributing to better patient outcomes, these efforts and many others are helping the national health-information community move in sync with the White House strategy for digital government in the 21st century.


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