Expanding Our Global Presence

MITRE currently provides expertise to the international community in the areas of aviation, defense, cybersecurity, judicial reform, fiscal transparency, financial and healthcare fraud detection, and technical and data standards.

The MITRE Difference

Transformational solutions. Partnering with MITRE means drawing from the research and expertise of over 7,500 professionals. This includes leveraging MITRE's diverse research, tools, and proven approaches for resolving complex technical challenges. We provide objective counsel, free of commercial conflicts of interest, and serve as your bridge to governments, industry, and academia to maximize collaboration with subject matter experts.

Systems engineering excellence. MITRE supports multiple sponsors on challenges that extend beyond our national borders. This enables us to create unprecedented, large-scale efficiencies by thinking horizontally, integrating across sponsor domains and cultures, and employing new processes worldwide. MITRE's success in leveraging our capabilities to solve cross-cutting challenges has earned us a reputation for systems engineering excellence.

World-class workforce. MITRE's award-winning workplace is comprised of highly motivated employees who recognize that their work matters and makes a difference. We value our culture of knowledge-sharing, innovation, and continuous learning. The spirit of teamwork at MITRE leads to increased morale and creativity, and ultimately to superior solutions and services for our sponsors.

Innovation and knowledge transfer. MITRE develops technology and creates working prototypes, making our knowledge and intellectual property available to government ministries and industry through a technology transfer program. This ensures the benefits of our innovations reach the largest possible user base. We also transfer our technologies to commercial organizations that can undertake the technical, business, and manufacturing activities necessary to bring our intellectual property to market.

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