Where We Focus

The bedrocks of a stable society include access to justice and the rule of law. By working as trusted partners to focus on national and global judicial modernization, JEMC and CJIST are helping the judiciary community—both nationally and globally—establish effective, efficient, and modern judicial systems.

We develop cutting-edge capabilities that help modernize judicial systems, promoting access to justice and enhancing judicial efficiency, including emerging technologies across judiciaries, judicial modernization and efficiency, and court analytics and related technologies.

One example is the Platform for the Computational Analysis of Public Systems, known as MITRE P-CAPS™. The Platform helps reforming and developing countries make data-backed decisions relative to judicial maps. It can also support mapping relative to healthcare and educational systems across MITRE sponsors.

(Video) P-CAPS™ was initiated as MITRE research and development to better support senior-level policy-makers. It helps them produce more optimal, robust, and popular solutions to governance challenges associated with resource allocation for growing, increasingly complex societies.