Special Access for Cities and States

Cities and states are among today's leading-edge innovators. They roll out citizen-centric programs and services, streamline operations, and reach policy goals. And MITRE and our federal partners stand ready to help them achieve those goals.

We operate at the front lines to build and enhance capabilities in public safety, population health, transportation efficiency, and community resilience. MITRE welcomes cities and states to tap our know-how, seek referrals, and explore emerging capabilities. Make use of our 60-year legacy bridging technology and policy, operating 143 technical centers, sustaining 7,000 scientists and engineers, all focused exclusively on creating public-interest impact. Our experts partner with foundations, universities, and associations to support regions, states and cities tackling tough challenges, applying innovative technologies, and navigating consequential, complex decisions.

Here are some recent examples of how MITRE is already supporting the needs of cities and states by taking advantage of our technical capabilities:

MITRE is active in communities around the nation. Our capabilities are used for border efficiency, cyber-supply chains, fraud detection, disaster recovery planning, accelerating court dockets, designing safety for the public square, fighting disease, perfecting sensors, integrating data for meaningful use and orchestrating dependable autonomy. How can our innovative thinking help you?