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Aviation & Transportation

Transforming how the world moves.

Technology is redefining transportation

How we move around the world is changing almost daily. New, futuristic vehicles loom just over the horizon, with automation playing an increasing role. Vehicle cybersecurity threats grow more sophisticated. Spacecraft and satellites are filling the upper atmosphere. And commercial communication infrastructures offer the promise of faster and vastly more expansive data exchange.

At MITRE, we’re supporting advances in aviation and ground transportation domains, while providing innovative solutions and expertise to address the challenges that accompany them.

In the aviation realm, our work has helped improve safety and security, increase the capacity and efficiency of the national airspace, reduce flight delays and traffic management constraints, and modernize and harmonize global aviation systems. We’re helping the Federal Aviation Administration apply the leading-edge “zero trust” approach to cybersecurity to strengthen aviation systems and networks. And we go right to the source: collecting real-world data from pilots to improve safety and developing easy-to-use mobile apps

Now, we’re envisioning the future of aviation—one that’s global, interconnected, and resilient to unrelenting change.

Taking a Multi-Pronged Approach to Transportation Transformation

We’re collecting, fusing, and analyzing massive data sets to gain insights that drive decision-making. Our research and systems engineering efforts are accelerating the seamless operational integration of new vehicles, technologies, and procedures.

Today, we’re transferring our experience and expertise in the aviation domain to surface transportation by:

  • Applying our knowledge of predictive safety data analytics to improve highway safety
  • Studying the impact of advanced driver-assistance systems
  • Partnering with government and the automotive industry to gain real-world insights into the emerging safety considerations of automated driving systems

MITRE is applying our multidisciplinary expertise to better meet the future and transform transportation—from surface to space.

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