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Center for Advanced Aviation System Development Fact Sheet

Aviation is vital to our nation’s well-being, enabling commerce, military operations, travel, and even space exploration.

MITRE has helped shape the capabilities of our aerospace system for more than six decades.

Our work with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and industry partners has improved aviation safety and security, increased the capacity and efficiency of the national airspace, and reduced flight delays and traffic management constraints.

Now, we’re envisioning the future of aviation—one that is global, interconnected, and resilient to unrelenting change.

We’re collecting, fusing, and analyzing massive data sets to gain insights that drive decision making. Our research and systems engineering efforts are accelerating the seamless operational integration of new vehicles—from drones to air taxis. We’re exploring how advances in communication systems can enhance information exchange in an increasingly interconnected airspace system. And we’ve outlined a pathway for taking aviation safety to the next level. Meanwhile, our prototypes and research findings are pointing the way toward those safety enhancements—both on the surface and in the air.

And to enable a complex array of operations to occur safely and seamlessly across the globe, we’re lending our expertise and state-of-the-art laboratories to an international effort to plan flights and manage air traffic flows more efficiently.

Together with the FAA, industry, and our international partners, we’re helping realize the vision of a fully interconnected aerospace system—from the Earth’s surface to space.


Our Capabilities in Transportation

We provide essential engineering, research, and analysis to support our transportation sponsors in the performance of their missions through a system approach that addresses all dimensions required to effect change. We offer a range of expertise and specialized facilities that can be applied to pioneer integrated solutions that improve the safety, efficiency, and resiliency of the global transportation system.

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