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MITRE Drive Lab

DRIVE Lab can simulate, analyze, and explore how transportation systems like cars, micromobility, and public transit work together.

It’s a dynamic time for automotive transportation. Soon we’ll be living in a world where our vehicles connect to one another and to the infrastructure around them.

At MITRE, we’re working to maximize the benefits these technological advances can bring—from enhancing safety to increasing transportation accessibility for underserved populations.

As automated driver assistance systems (ADAS) proliferate, we’re partnering with government and the automotive industry to study how they perform in the real world. We’re sharing our findings to inform both automotive design and U.S. Department of Transportation efforts to advance traffic safety.

We’re also researching how data analytics can help reduce traffic accidents and fatalities and how the telemetry data that recent-model automobiles are producing can be leveraged to create safer vehicles in the future.

As automated vehicles rapidly move through commercial research and development processes, our researchers are working to realize the promise of these automated driving systems while mitigating their risks.

We’re operating virtual testing platforms to support the cross-stakeholder solutions that can improve digital infrastructure interoperability, enhance AV safety assurance, improve public trust, and accelerate delivery of the full benefits of these advanced technologies.

Our DRIVE Lab, capable of simulating any vehicle or environment, is illuminating the road ahead for diverse and increasingly automated vehicles. Our researchers’ findings will inform decision makers about the policies and standards necessary to integrate these vehicles safely into the existing transportation system.

As new vehicle technology and automation introduce novel cybersecurity risks, we’re identifying effective ways to anticipate and thwart cyberattacks that could give bad actors control of a vehicle, or even fleets.

We’re working hand in hand with government and industry to fulfill the promise of these revolutionary changes—quickly, safely, securely, and equitably.


Our Capabilities in Transportation

We provide essential engineering, research, and analysis to support our transportation sponsors in the performance of their missions through a system approach that addresses all dimensions required to effect change. We offer a range of expertise and specialized facilities that can be applied to pioneer integrated solutions that improve the safety, efficiency, and resiliency of the global transportation system.

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