Aviation Research and Development

CAASD's research and development program delivers transformational solutions to aviation's biggest problems.

From reducing aviation fuel consumption to improving risk management during thunderstorm season, we are committed to significantly advancing our sponsor's mission. Our R&D program produces game-changing improvements in safety and efficiency and helps provide tools to inform key FAA decisions through analysis and simulation.

We align our research strategy closely with the FAA's goals and needs. For example, conducting research to enhance NextGen is an important element of CAASD's strategy to accelerate the evolution of the nation's airspace system. Each year we focus our research strategy on a small set of critical challenges to which we can bring particular value and impact.

Recent areas of research have included:

  • Employing advanced navigation technology to reduce costs and environmental impact
  • Enabling regular operations of unmanned aircraft systems in civil airspace
  • Combating the challenges of adverse weather on efficient air traffic management
  • Developing and applying modeling and simulation capabilities to inform FAA decision making on NextGen concepts, policies, and procedures

Our goal with every successful discovery is to transfer our innovation to sponsors, to industry, or internally to our laboratories. As a result, the products of our research are now working domestically and across the globe to support the evolution of the aviation industry.

For more information see Technology Transfer.


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