Who We Hire

As the world's aviation industry expands, it also grows more complex. This creates new challenges that require a higher level of skill, expertise, and ingenuity to resolve. At CAASD—and at MITRE as a whole—we look for people with practical experience, engineering and information technology skills, and the drive to meet this growing demand.

Skills we look for:

  • Air traffic management systems evolution planning
  • Air traffic management systems engineering and capability development
  • Air traffic management modeling and analysis
  • Airspace analysis and design
  • Broadcast technologies and collision-avoidance systems
  • Communications, navigation, and surveillance systems
  • Required navigational performance
  • Airport planning and operations
  • Data Analytics Capability Development
  • Hadoop Infrastructure Management and Architecture
  • DevOps Software Development
  • UAS standards, certification, and airworthiness

Our team is multidisciplinary and represents diverse backgrounds. Many of our employees are graduates from the nation's top universities. Others come from aviation industry or government positions and bring a wealth of practical experience to work in the public interest.

New graduates can find a home and establish interesting careers at CAASD as well. Our award-winning mentoring program ensures our staff's ability to take on future aviation issues.

To learn more about aviation career opportunities at MITRE, we invite you to search our Job Openings.

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