Where We Focus

The Center for Enterprise Modernization focuses on addressing a particular challenge: how to transform a large enterprise. Since 1998, CEM has been a thought leader in this area. We have contributed both to the public body of knowledge and to major advances that have changed—and will continue to transform—tax administration, government financial management, the taking of the Census, and care and benefits to veterans.

The foundation for transformation rests on helping sponsoring agencies develop and adopt new capabilities. By applying analysis and research-based exploration, agencies can better prepare to plan, manage, and make critical decisions. The result is greater frequency of success with reduced risk, predictable cost, and fewer integration, scalability, security and privacy, and data-sharing challenges.

MITRE’s investments in research and innovation allow CEM to readily bring forward new ideas, evaluate feasibility of new technologies, and transfer methods and technical capabilities to government sponsors and industry. A small sample of this research includes developing:

  • New methods to identify, measure, and counter fraud.
  • Technologies that assure resilient information systems.
  • New business models that transform government services.

In addition to work with sponsoring agencies, CEM engages with other government organizations to advise, inform, and partner with them on a variety of modernization challenges. With the IRS’s consent, we also can work directly with these agencies, helping them and their stakeholders effectively transform the way they do business for the American public. Our work enables them to more efficiently acquire, integrate, manage, and operate the business and information technology systems critical to the services they provide.