Prevent Terrorism

Preventing terrorist attacks and enhancing security are DHS's most fundamental responsibilities. This mission requires the collective efforts of numerous organizations, public and private, including HSSEDI.
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DHS must fulfill its anti-terrorism mission while also protecting lawful commerce, civil liberties, privacy, and other fundamental American freedoms. This means the agency must be an intelligence- and risk-driven organization—one that takes advantage of information and capabilities quickly to prevent and mitigate threats.

We help DHS take a department-wide approach to establishing the processes and systems to turn operational requirements into sustainable capabilities. Additionally, our ability to draw on knowledge developed working with other government agencies enables us to help DHS combat a variety of evolving threats.

HSSEDI's work also supports the security needs of other federal, state, and local agencies, as well as the private sector. Our work involves accessing, receiving, analyzing, and sharing information from law enforcement, intelligence, and other sources.

Within HSSEDI's terrorism-prevention mission, our partners include: