Solving Global Information Challenges

Our nation invests heavily in staffing, technology, training, and weapons systems to ensure national security. One critical challenge continues to be providing decision-makers with information that is timely, accurate, and clear.

NSEC engineers and analysts provide a broad range of capabilities that help our government sponsors gather, manage, analyze, and protect information. Our work today evolves from decades of development and research with sensors, electronics, digital systems, and cybersecurity.

For example, the military and intelligence community rely on radar, sensors, satellites, and wireless devices that depend on spectrum. But as business and individuals become more dependent on technology for their own communication, the demand for spectrum increases, creating a more competitive environment for worldwide spectrum access. NSEC helps to manage the electronic spectrum to support our sponsors' communications and operational objectives and ensure access to others.

From Signal Processing to Big Data and Beyond

We collaborate with government and private industry on technology that transmits earth-based signals beyond line-of-sight, and satellites that enable us to communicate and navigate. NSEC staff made significant contributions to the world’s current space-based global positioning systems, technology that we take for granted today.

Our signal processing and information technology experts support radar and multispectral solutions, making these technologies operate more precisely and affordably. One such patented technology, the MITRE-developed Probabilistic Identification of Solid Materials, enables analysts to accurately and quickly identify materials from a distance by discerning their spectral signatures.

The volume of data generated daily across our nation's digital networks continues to grow. MITRE's sponsors need help managing the volume as data streams have become data tsunamis. NSEC big data analytics experts are helping our sponsors gain potent benefits from their data stores. Our analysts work to identify ways to collect, store, catalog, and analyze information and then present it in a way that supports operational decisions.

In related research, MITRE's groundbreaking work in cybersecurity helps to harden digital networks against cyber threats that grow more sophisticated by the day. We also work with our sponsors to build resilient systems that can recover quickly from successful cyber attacks.

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