Data and Human-Centered Solutions Innovation Center

Data and human-centered solutions promote innovations.

The Data and Human-Centered Solutions Innovation Center addresses emerging, complex data and human-centered challenges of national and global significance using technology, analytics, and sciences of various types (data, geolocation, social, behavioral, and collaboration). Working at the intersection of data analytics and social/behavioral sciences, we enable government and the private sector to make better decisions through evidence-based discovery and analysis. 

Capabilities include: 

  • Data and knowledge management 
  • Data integration and interoperability 
  • Analytics of big data, social media, the cloud, modeling, and prediction 
  • Geolocation sciences, geospatial information systems and related analytic technologies 
  • Collaboration and social computing, including human-machine teaming and universal accessibility 
  • Social and behavioral sciences, including direct human data collection and cybersecurity related to human behavior 
Independent Research

Nudge Research Program

We help guide people to make better decisions—through small choices with big impact.

Our Impact

R&D Centers

We operate six federally funded research and development centers—private, nonprofit organizations for the public interest.